Grenzgänger Informations GmbH - Ihre Spezialisten zum Arbeiten in der Schweiz


Dear Reader,

 are you interested in working in Switzerland? Perhaps you´re in the process of attending interviews or have already signed an employment contract? Or are you a company looking for the best way to support future employees with important decisions? We habe answers to all the questions raised by German employees working in Switzerland.

Competent advice

We will provide you with comprhensive information on Swiss social insurance schemes and advise you on all important topics related to earning a living in this neighbouring country. From determining your net salary, the taxes you habe to pay and whether registering as a cross-border communter or resident foreign national is more beneficial to you, to establishing which Swiss bank will save you the most money, which forms you require and much more, we are here to help.

Furthermore, we work in cooperation with numerous insurance companies to establish the health insurance scheme best suited to your needs and advise you on which coverage you require, taking into consideration your entitlement to pension schemes, accident insurance and occupational disability insurance in Switzerland. All this is determined taking into account any provisions and entitlements you may already have - which is no easy feat!

Outstanding service

Good decisions take time. We only show you the options are suited to you once we habe an exact idea of your requirements, wishes and aims. This ist why we take the time to compile comprehensive advice tailored to  each individual. In addition to our Freiburg office, customers can visit us at our Swiss branches located in Kreuzlingen on Lake Constance and Grenzach in the Basel region, making us easy to reach in both Germany and Switzerland.

Solutions for every scenario

As a partner of both German and Swiss insurance companies, we are able to offer cross-border communters and resident foreign nationals a wide range of solutions, including:

  • legal expenses insurance for cross-border commuters that is also valid in the eyes of Swiss social courts
  • company retiremnet provisions that may also reduce taxes for cross-border commuters in Germany
  • health insurance models providing the option of treatment in either Germany or Switzerland
  • occupational disability insurance valid worldwide

Over 26 years of experience

Our 26 years of consultancy experience have equipped us in -depth knowledge of working in Switzerland, anabling us to correctly answer any special or detailed questions you may have. Thanks to our network of tax advisors, lawyers, and company and employer associations, we always have access to the latest information an a wide range of contacts. We can arrange a one-on-one meeting to find the best solution for you. Just get in touch! We´re here to make your move to Switzerland easier. And, should you wish to work in Germany again, we´ll be on hand to ease your transition back.

We look forward to hearing from you,

 (Tobias Tobisch, Managing Director of Grenzgänger Informations GmbH)